Not the Apple store for sure!

20150723-003620150723-0036 20150723-003720150723-0037 This is a computer store in Ethiopia. Sometimes a think I need things to make me a better photographer, like the next best computer. However the people of Ethiopia are content with what ever they have.

Not something you see everyday.

20150725-016520150725-0165 We heard the goat before we see it. Yes that is a live goat on top of the van. Look closer and you will see two goats on the van. This image was done in Ethiopia on one of the major highways. Taken on a Saturday which meant that these goat were going to market in a nearby town. It’s great to experience a different culture and to photograph the things that you see. A poor country, however the people are a happy people and know how to live and seem content.  

Not sure why?

20180104-02320180104-023 Sometimes there is no reason why a take a photo, and this image is just that. I just took an image of this tree. Later when I got it on the computer I still don’t know why I took this image. What made me want to take a photo of this tree? Later I saw the why; because of the way the light is hitting this tree and the fact that the tree has very few limbs on one side. Sometime you don’t need a reason just take a picture.

I'm going crazy!

Paddy Creek B&W Before Christmas I’m by myself hey DJ I Mavic Pro. I’m still nervous flying it, but I’m enjoying the results that I’m getting. I think my creative side is moving more to a multimedia production, what I mean is to add both video and still images to give the viewer a better appreciation for the beauty of a particular place. In the future I will be recording sound maybe some Panoramic’s that I could slowly move a crossed the screen. If you have time please leave me a comment and let me know what you think. 

"Catch in a trap"

20120225-124-HDR20120225-124-HDR This photo was taken several years back when I first started doing HDR (High dynamic range) photography. And I have to admit I was addicted to it, I was caught in the trap. Two years ago I bought the new Nikon D750, mostly for the articulating screen. However I was still in my HDR trap. Until one day I made a mistake and only got one usable Image in an HDR set I think I bumped the focus and only one image what sharp. I like the image so I post processed it and it turned out being the best image of that day shoot. I still bracket my exposures however I’m moving away from HDR because the newer cameras had better dynamic range. So it’s true you can learn from my photographic mistakes,