Simple subject.

20171005-113320171005-1133 Sunset at White Sands in New Mexico brings out a lot of people. Every time I thought I had an image, someone would walk into the camera frame. Then my creative mind started working the image. “Add people for scale, and in this image a clear subject.” Thank you mind for thinking threw this image and getting a winner.

One 2 many!

20171005-0844-Editin Photoshop20171005-0844-Editin Photoshop

Ok I’m not talking about adult beverages here. I am talking about one clear subject, which in this image I do not have. I do like the image however I don’t have a place for my eyes to rest.

The sun was causing bad lens flare so I opted to not show the sun. Even though there isn’t one clear subject, I’m loving the depth that this image gives.

Light is everything.


Last week’s blog I told you that I was at the right place at the right time. I do think there is a little luck in good landscape photography. That being said, I also think that you can make your own luck.

Had I looked outside before leaving our camper and seeing the overcast sky , stayed put, or if I always believed what the weatherman or lady says, I might have been tempted to sleep-in. If I would not prepared all my camera gear the night before or not set the alarm for 0500, I would not have been at this spot at the right time. It could have easily stayed overcast but it didn’t and I was there ready. 

Best Friends Ever!!


20171005-070020171005-0700 She goes with me more and more and I’m still trying to impress her. She doesn’t know much about photography but she does have a good eye for a good image. I think that now she even likes going with me and has the patience to be married to a photographer. She is truly my best friend.

Image was done at White Sands New Mexico. We where there when the gates opened, very early in the morning. I was not happy that the sky that morning was very overcast, thinking to myself, “came all this way and this is the light I get?” Then this happened and I was at the right place at the right time to make this image.

Less is more.

20171005-076120171005-0761 Last week’s blog I told you that I was moving away from HDR style photos. I’m also moving away from using filters all the time. Will still use a polarizer to remove glare from water and to add pop to fall foliage colors. I was just about ready to lay down close to $700.00 on a new filter kit, then I thought I can get better results using software such as Lightroom to get the same look or better then adding a filter at the time of exposure. This image was done in White Sands New Mexico without the use of filters.