Old dog new trick


I do a lot of fishing at Bennett Springs, Missouri. I was there with a friend several years back and he told me that I would never be a great fisherman because I was to busy looking around. He was right and he was a better fisherman then I, however I think that got more out of each trip then him. Sure he had more fish but I had more vision. This image is better with the fisherman in it. Gives this image scale.

Teaching a Lightroom class.

20171030-0035-Edit20171030-0035-Edit So there I was teaching the fun part in Lightroom  (editing) and before I knew it someone had to remind me that the class was ended. You know your having a fun time when you lose track of time. This image was taken on a day that I got up for sunrise and it was a wash. The clouds rolled in so I did the best I could with the conditions I was given.

It's screaming!!!

20151003_235_6_720151003_235_6_7 I was minding my own business, when this image screamed out “take me”! So I did what any photographer in my place would do, I put down my lunch and picked up my camera. But I showed it, I converted it to a black and white. 

Get simple

20150930_09920150930_099 Sometimes I over think my photography. This image was done in Florida and all evening I was shooting the beach and not wanting to get birds in my image. If I did want a bird it was birds a whole lot of them. This little gut was just walking on the beach and I just turn a fired my camera. As it turns out it’s one of my best images of that day. I like it because the composition is so simple.

HDR is so yesterday

20150402-02120150402-021 I’ve out grow HDR image processing, This was one that I did in HDR and even though I  still like this image, when I look close it just doesn’t work for me any more. My Nikon D750 has great tonal range and if the landscape is real contrasted, I choose to do image blending.