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Last week I posted about over thinking photography. Just like any other art form you sometime just have to feel it. This is one of those images, the lighting was overcast and I saw the great reflections on the water I was just starting to think… ”Wouldn’t it bet great if something would come across the road …” and then this happened.

The camera is just a tool; sometime you need a little luck, and I believe you can make some of your own luck.

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Stop over thinking 20170820-002620170820-0026

If you follow this post, you know that I tried to photograph the solar eclipse. A lot of thought went into that, but very little came out, photographically speaking (the experience was great.) This image was taken the night before. I call this “run & gun” photography. Set the camera up and just have fun shooting with no goal in minded. Stop over thinking every thing and just have some fun. 

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Close but no cigars 20170821-00120170821-001

Last week post I admitted that I still fail as a photographer; here is another example of me failing. Looks like a strange under-exposed sunset. In truth this was a solar eclipse photo and because I had to explain that, the image doesn’t stand on it’s own merit.

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Not typical 20170821-0095-2-HDR-Editin Photoshop20170821-0095-2-HDR-Editin Photoshop

“If you have to explain the photo, it can’t stand on it’s own.” This image needs to be explained. I didn’t want to take the same type of solar eclipse photo. Lot of photographers was shooting with their big lens so I thought I would try a super wide angle. My thought was that I would shoot an image that would show the effect of the solar eclipse on the landscape. Without explanation this image does not stand-alone. It looks like a strange-lit landscape; I failed as a photographer but had a fantastic experience. Guess I’ll try again in seven years. 

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Add people 20170708-0013-Edit20170708-0013-Edit

I didn’t check the compositions before taking this image, not knowing that my tripod had slipped. As it turned out, this was one of my favorite images that evening. Why do I like it? The people add to the photo. I need to add more people to my images to give more scale to images.

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Nothing to do with it. 20120825-1779-HDR20120825-1779-HDR

Unless you’ve been living in a cave you might know what will take place on August 21. This image has nothing to do with the solar eclipse but it does have the sun in it. I’ve heard said that this will be the most photographed event in history and I will be part of the big picture, (all pun intended). I will be heading north to photograph this event. I’m not going to photograph the sun in full frame composition; my hope is to photograph an HDR landscape with the effect of the eclipse. I’ll have a second camera shooting a time lapse of the event.

The newspaper interviewed me on this subject. You can read the article and the tech stuff at this site: 

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Traffic Jam? 20150724-031920150724-0319 This image was done in Ethiopia. The image is a drive by image as I was traveling in a Land Rover on a major highway on the way to the capital city. Yes I said major highway. We take so many things for granted here in the USA, to include our interstate systems. It’s a Saturday when this image was taken, that means it’s market day in all the little towns in Ethiopia. The people on the road will walk several miles to buy and sell goods. Most will make less then $2.00. The traffic jam is the people. 

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Thank you for so much. 20150724-004020150724-0040 One of my favorite movies is “ A river run through it.” Towards the end there is one line that goes “ I am forever haunted by this river”. Not sure what was meant by that line but I think it’s a reoccurring image that comes to mind. This image haunts me. Every time that I feel that this world owns me something I look back to my photos of Ethiopia. Then I thank God for all the abundance that I live in.

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Frame it. 20170703_01220170703_012 I’m not talking about putting a frame around your photo, but instead add a frame around a subject. By doing this you add depth to your image. This is done better using a telephoto lens, compressing the foreground and background.

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Nothing great. 20170703_01620170703_016

This image will not make most people stop and look. It’s not a great mountain vista or the grand Ansel Adams type of landscape. This type of photography is done for me, for the joy of art.

I liked the being there as much as the finished image.

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Turn Around 20170703_01120170703_011 Last weeks post I showed you an image of a deer skull. As I was setting up I happened to turn around and saw the sun coming through the tree. Always look over your shoulder and see what is going on. Again the light is what I saw first then I went looking of a foreground subject that happened to fall in the light. The yellow flower made a good subject, I was getting a lot of lens flare so I moved the camera into the shade of a tree.

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Just Look 20170703_00520170703_005 Went looking for a great Landscape image early one morning. When I left the house the sunrise was looking good, so I went looking for a subject that happened to fall within the sunset. The sunrise didn’t materialize as I had hoped. Found t stand of trees, (pine I think, I don’t know my trees.) that looked like a fire had cleaned out the under brush. I was looking for something to put in front of my camera, when I saw something white out of the corner of my eye. I did set up this shot moved the skull into a better position and added a few pinecones. Not much in color but I did like it as a black & White image. 

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One more, I just can't help it. 20170602-001920170602-0019 Ok I know, I’m just like every other Papa showing off his grandkid photos, but let me bring this around to Photography tips. A few blogs ago I talked about pre-visualizing an image and that’s what happened here. Knowing that I was going to shoot a sporting event I use the “is this Action or Stationary” idea. It’s action so I placed my Nikon on “S” which let me pick the shutter speed and the camera do the rest. I picked a shutter speed of 1000 (little high for the action of t-ball) and you can tell that the camera picked a lower f/stop because of the blurry background. The is called “stop-action Photography”

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Love the subject 20170602-001320170602-0013 This is not my normal type of image for this blog, but indulge me for a moment. Let me move away from Mike the Photographer to a title that I very much enjoy, that of  “Papa” I love this subject and the other 3 grandkids that God has bless me with. They bring great joy and love the opportunity to photograph what I love.

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Dosen't work 20170406-00820170406-008

Great photographer always talk about “pre-visualization”, a fancy word meaning: to have an idea of what you want your photo to look like before you press the shutter. There are times however, that sometime you see something that you need to just point and shoot. This image was “pre-visualized but didn’t even come close to what I had in mind. That’s not ice but moving water, the colors were suppose to pop in the final image. I’m showing you some of my junk.

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All wrong! 20101125-04120101125-041 Still don’t know why, but this is one of my favorite images. It’s not good because your eye doesn’t have one place to rest. It’s a center balance composition. Just all wrong, that maybe why I like it. I did this image on one of those evening that I had some time on my hands and went looking for some images.

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10 stop difference. 20170406-00520170406-005 Ok sometimes I go cheap. I saw other photographers using a 10-stop ND filter to get some long exposures, but instead of buying the slide in kind I went cheap skew on kind, which can be a real pain. This image was made with a 2-minute exposure that way the water looks like ice and the clouds are moving.

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Back Lighting 20170406-01420170406-014 I was out doing the same old thing, (photographic rut) the big landscape. Then my wife told me about the guy catching fish. What I saw was not a guy catching fish, but a fisherman who was backlit. Changed to my longer lens so that he didn’t know that I was taking pictures. I took lots of different a angles and this was one I liked.

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Big Head 20111217-067-Edit20111217-067-Edit I’m a man and sometime I let the “ego” get the best of me. I do the landscape photography stuff because I enjoy it. I could never make a living do it. This image recently sold at action for $1700.00. If you ever come across a photographer with a Nikon 750 and a big head, that would be me.

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Everthing Changes 20120817-1327-HDR20120817-1327-HDR This image is of the bridge in the Devils Elbow area in Missouri. It’s one of those places that I go back to a lot. Last week we received over 7 inches of rain and this bridge had water running over the road surface. I lot of people lost properties and a young man lost his life. My prayers are for those people. With nature there is always change, sometimes good, and sometime not so good.

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