MKimages: Blog en-us (C) MKimages (MKimages) Wed, 03 May 2017 12:59:00 GMT Wed, 03 May 2017 12:59:00 GMT MKimages: Blog 80 120 Back Lighting 20170406-01420170406-014 I was out doing the same old thing, (photographic rut) the big landscape. Then my wife told me about the guy catching fish. What I saw was not a guy catching fish, but a fisherman who was backlit. Changed to my longer lens so that he didn’t know that I was taking pictures. I took lots of different a angles and this was one I liked.

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Big Head 20111217-067-Edit20111217-067-Edit I’m a man and sometime I let the “ego” get the best of me. I do the landscape photography stuff because I enjoy it. I could never make a living do it. This image recently sold at action for $1700.00. If you ever come across a photographer with a Nikon 750 and a big head, that would be me.

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Everthing Changes 20120817-1327-HDR20120817-1327-HDR This image is of the bridge in the Devils Elbow area in Missouri. It’s one of those places that I go back to a lot. Last week we received over 7 inches of rain and this bridge had water running over the road surface. I lot of people lost properties and a young man lost his life. My prayers are for those people. With nature there is always change, sometimes good, and sometime not so good.

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Coming full circle. 20130325-82920130325-829 Hi my name is “Mike” I’m a recovering HDR photographer. When I first started doing HDR photography I couldn’t help myself. I would over do the process just to get everything in full detail. It didn’t matter that the images were boring in composition or that the colors were not real, I was in love with the process of making HDR images. Same thing happened when I first learned the Zone system. Then my HDR to a turn for the better, “how can I get these HDR images to look real?” Now I still shoot HDR but the question today is , “do I even need HDR to make this a good image. 

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Over cooked! 20120514-628-HDR20120514-628-HDR Love doing HDR photography (look it up in Google). However this is over cooked. What I mean is it doesn’t look real, I over did it in post processing. It was fun while I was doing it, but I have out grown this type of HDR imagining. Today’s HDR image are hard to tell that they are a HDR processed.

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Style ??? 20110805-2140-HDR20110805-2140-HDR This is not my kind of style of photography, but I was just telling my wife, I need to try some other types of photography. Oh sure I will still be shooting the landscape stuff, but I need to branch out. Do something different, something that I would not normally do. I’m thinking like I teach compotation “if it looks good to you, take a photo.”

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All things end 20110429-614-HDR20110429-614-HDR

This image was taken and one of my “Go to spots”. A place that I return to over and over again to photograph. I was saddened the last time I was there because they had to put a fence around the building to keep people off. I will continue going there because there are still good places to shoot. 

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Photo in mind. 20170326-00320170326-003 I kept a list on my phone called “Places to photograph” and most of the time it’s just a place that I’ve heard about. Then there are times that I’ve been to the place before but there would be a better time to reshoot it. This is one of those images. We had a rainy weekend but on Sunday afternoon it had stopped raining. Went to my list and saw a note “rainy day”. I had this image in mind. New notes for reshoots will contain, time of day, weather conditions, and time of year. Paddy creek falls now has note that reads. “Fall colors on a rainy day.”

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Story time 20160130_01120160130_011

The old saying “A picture can be a thousand words.” And sometime a picture can be summed up into a few words. In my job as an Army photographer I’m always trying to tell a story about events. My approach is to get as much information in one photo as possible. However it’s the simple, less busy image that still tell the story that I enjoy the most.

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Less is more. 20160215_089-Editin Photoshop20160215_089-Editin Photoshop

Have you ever gone out to photograph and you feel like you just shoot a wall hanger (“wall hanger” the winner, the Ansell Adams image, homerun) only to get home and think “what posses me to take the picture?”

Well this image is not one of those. This is more like “ Hey there something about that I like, oh well just take it and delete it later.

         After I down loaded my card this image didn’t do anything for me, then a few weeks went by and went back to this image and as it turned out, it was one of the better images I got that day.

Just a simple image that was my better image sometimes we over think our images, well a least I do.

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Photo Safari 20160215_104-Editin Photoshop20160215_104-Editin Photoshop

Ok I know this is a photographic cliché.

I just couldn’t help myself. He was just so cute. (Maybe it was a girl squirrel, not sure)

What is a Photo Safari, that’s when I have a day off and my wife is working. I grab my camera backpack and get in the car and just go looking for something to photograph. No time or due date just me and my camera, good time.

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Change is a good thing. 20160215_036-Editin Photoshop20160215_036-Editin Photoshop

First let me apologize for getting behind on my blogging. I change things in my life and my photography.

 In life: I have resigned my position as pastor at church. Still going to the same church, some maybe asking why? That would be a great question. In the beginning started with 35 and now we are running about 120 worshippers every Sunday and it was more then I could keep up with.

This will bring a change in my photography. Will have more time to be behind my camera. I will also look to do different kinds of photography. Landscape are fun, but I need to try different thing photographically.

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Cup runneth over 20150725-006020150725-0060 Culture needs to be experienced, you have to spend time in country to understand the culture of people. In Ethiopia if the coffee doesn’t spill over the sides of the cup, it mean they are cheating you out of a full cup. Ethiopians take pride in being fair people.

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Hope 20150724-007820150724-0078 When I look at the images that I took in Ethiopia, it centers me on how blessed I truly am. When I start getting down about not getting my next toy, just looking  over these images, center my thinking on how much I have. These kids had so little, but more importantly they have little hope. I believe that this image capture that in their eyes.

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Photoshopped !? 20161010-0135-HDR-Editin Photoshop20161010-0135-HDR-Editin Photoshop

The image is so colorful that people will often say you must have “photo shopped it”. Well I “Photoshop” every image. Ansel Adams great landscape images were manipulated in the darkroom and filter during the exposure. Thinking that Mr. Adams didn’t think that his images would be used in trail, the end results were that the viewer of the image would enjoy the art of the image.

Photoshop is the darkroom of today and I use it to enhance the image, hope that works for you.

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Never grows old. 20130716-01020130716-010 This image hangs on our wall at home. Printed on metal 20 X 30, I look at it often. I’ve done photos that I get tried of in just a few viewings. I have not tried of this image, it never gets old.

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Look here! 20151003_272_3_420151003_272_3_4

In my photography workshops I share with the participants to make an effort as to how they look at an image. Where did they look first, then how did their eyes move through the image?

 The teaching of photographic composition is over done; let me use an old hippie saying for composition; “if it feels good, do it” This image break some compositional rule but who cares it feel good.

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Don't buy a new camera! 20150723-016120150723-0161 We as photographers think that the next new camera will make for better images. If money was no object, and you could have any photographic equipment that your heart desired, but you put something boring in front of that camera, odds are you would get a boring image. Take the money you would spend on a camera and take a trip to somewhere interesting. The camera is the “middleman” of the creative process. Passion behind the camera and something interesting in front of the camera is a good formula for great images.

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I'm rich, but I'm I happy? 20150724-004120150724-0041 My take away form Ethiopia is that I have more then I need, but the people I photographed in Ethiopia seemed more happy and have a lot less. They spent more time with people and less time on facebook. They found entertainment in each other and not in stuff. Closer with each other and happy to know you.

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Do you really view this blog????? 20150725-012720150725-0127 Is this a waste of time posting a blog each week? If you look at my blog I ask that you might do two things for me. E-mail me at and past my site on to other photographers. Why this image you might be asking yourself. Feeling like the monkey in this image. Drive by shooting.

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