Curtis Photography: Blog en-us Curtis Photography (Curtis Photography) Mon, 05 Feb 2018 16:10:00 GMT Mon, 05 Feb 2018 16:10:00 GMT Curtis Photography: Blog 80 120 "Catch in a trap" 20120225-124-HDR20120225-124-HDR This photo was taken several years back when I first started doing HDR (High dynamic range) photography. And I have to admit I was addicted to it, I was caught in the trap. Two years ago I bought the new Nikon D750, mostly for the articulating screen. However I was still in my HDR trap. Until one day I made a mistake and only got one usable Image in an HDR set I think I bumped the focus and only one image what sharp. I like the image so I post processed it and it turned out being the best image of that day shoot. I still bracket my exposures however I’m moving away from HDR because the newer cameras had better dynamic range. So it’s true you can learn from my photographic mistakes,

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I'm the girl in the family. 20170703_01120170703_011 Okay I want to be clear on this, I am a guy! I just tend to see beauty in the world. I am the artistic one in our family and my wife tells me all the time that I’m “the girl in the family.” I love nature and I love recording on digits the things that God has made. I’m not ashamed to admit, that I see beautiful things. I don’t think I see the world differently then anybody else, I think I responded things differently. There’s three parts to every good photograph. A good camera and the technical understanding of that camera, a good subject in front of the camera at the right time and with the right light, and the most important thing, the person behind the camera that has a passionate heart to capture beauty. (Ok that didn’t sound a little girly.)

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To camera; or not to camera? That's the question? 20171030-0078-Edit20171030-0078-Edit

Okay if I’m honest with myself the real question is; should I leave my fly-fishing stuff at home? I love both, fishing and photography. This is Bennett Springs Missouri one of my favorite places to do both. On this day I got there early and it looked like he was going to be a beautiful sunrise, however it got overcast. Normally I would reach into my camera bag and put on my wide angle lens for some landscapes and of course a tripod. Recently I read to stretch your imagination and your creativity try using lens that you don’t normally use. So I put on my 200– 400 mm and started walking around. I must say the fishing was slow and the photography was more satisfying.

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Go big or go home!! 20171003-09520171003-095 Ok I know everything is bigger in Texas, where this image was taken. What I’m really talking about is my lens selection. Most of the time when I’m doing landscape I reach in my bag and pull out a wide angle, however on this shot I wanted to shorten the space between the foreground and background, so instead I pulled out my 70-200mm lens. The right word for this is scene compression.

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Right place, right time! 20171005-069020171005-0690 I’ve talked about this before, if I wouldn’t have gotten up predawn or stayed in bed because the weather app said it was going to rain all morning, I would have never been so lucky. I believe you make your own luck. 

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Get out of my way. 20171005-082120171005-0821

It’s not about me, sometimes I get so full of myself that I can’t see what’s in front of me or my camera.

This image was done without the other photographers in the composition and it just wasn’t as good. I don’t want people to stand right in front of me, but I must remember, “it’s not about me.” 

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Scale 20171030-0064-Edit20171030-0064-Edit Not talking about my New Year’s Resolution that I would lose some weight by checking the scale. What I’m doing more often in my images is adding people to give the image some scale. How big is a tree? The answer is “it depends”. If you add a person in your image the viewer will have a better idea how big something is.

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Sometimes you just need to go. 20171030-0038-Edit20171030-0038-Edit

There are many times I just want to stay in my warm bed and not go out to do some sunrise landscape. Just like a New Year’s resolution it’s easy to talk your way out of leaving your bed, so here are some tips that help me do just that.

Know where you’re going: do the research the night before get on Google earth to do some scouting.

Check the weather, but don’t stay in bed if the forecast is bad. Some of my best images have been done in bad weather. Check so you know what to wear to stay comfortable.

Clean your camera, charge the batteries, format your cards, have your photo gear ready to go.

Have your coffee ready, set the auto brew and get out your Yeti.

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Express yourself 20171003-04420171003-044 Last week I posted an image of a night image on the way to a sunrise shoot at Big Bend National Park Texas. The sunrise was great; this is after as clouds moved in. Kathy (my Wife and the “k” in mkimages) expresses herself in body language as to what I was feeling at the same time.

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Not Hollywood stars; better. 20171003-008-Edit-220171003-008-Edit-2

Doing a few more astrological photographs. With digital photography you don’t have to put your camera when the sun goes down or in this case have to wait for the sun to come up. On my calendar now I have down new moon nights (when there is no moon light) and try to find a spot with little city lights around.

This image was done on the way to a sunrise shot in the mountains of Big Bend National Park Texas.

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Simple subject. 20171005-113320171005-1133 Sunset at White Sands in New Mexico brings out a lot of people. Every time I thought I had an image, someone would walk into the camera frame. Then my creative mind started working the image. “Add people for scale, and in this image a clear subject.” Thank you mind for thinking threw this image and getting a winner.

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One 2 many! 20171005-0844-Editin Photoshop20171005-0844-Editin Photoshop

Ok I’m not talking about adult beverages here. I am talking about one clear subject, which in this image I do not have. I do like the image however I don’t have a place for my eyes to rest.

The sun was causing bad lens flare so I opted to not show the sun. Even though there isn’t one clear subject, I’m loving the depth that this image gives.

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Light is everything. 20171005-082320171005-0823

Last week’s blog I told you that I was at the right place at the right time. I do think there is a little luck in good landscape photography. That being said, I also think that you can make your own luck.

Had I looked outside before leaving our camper and seeing the overcast sky , stayed put, or if I always believed what the weatherman or lady says, I might have been tempted to sleep-in. If I would not prepared all my camera gear the night before or not set the alarm for 0500, I would not have been at this spot at the right time. It could have easily stayed overcast but it didn’t and I was there ready. 

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Best Friends Ever!!  

20171005-070020171005-0700 She goes with me more and more and I’m still trying to impress her. She doesn’t know much about photography but she does have a good eye for a good image. I think that now she even likes going with me and has the patience to be married to a photographer. She is truly my best friend.

Image was done at White Sands New Mexico. We where there when the gates opened, very early in the morning. I was not happy that the sky that morning was very overcast, thinking to myself, “came all this way and this is the light I get?” Then this happened and I was at the right place at the right time to make this image.

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Less is more. 20171005-076120171005-0761 Last week’s blog I told you that I was moving away from HDR style photos. I’m also moving away from using filters all the time. Will still use a polarizer to remove glare from water and to add pop to fall foliage colors. I was just about ready to lay down close to $700.00 on a new filter kit, then I thought I can get better results using software such as Lightroom to get the same look or better then adding a filter at the time of exposure. This image was done in White Sands New Mexico without the use of filters.

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More NO HDR!!! 20171003-04720171003-047 This is not a HDR image, the more photography that I do the more that I’m moving away from HDR images. I will still combine images that do not fall into the full dynamic range of my camera. When there is just to much difference between my shadows and highlights, will bring those images into Photoshop and blend them together. This image was taken at the end of Lost mine trail in Big Bend National Park, Texas.

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Sorry! 20131030-01320131030-013

Sorry it seems that I’m getting behind on everything in my life. We got back form our trip to Big Bend National Park in Texas and the White Sands New Mexico, last week and I’m still editing those images. Will try to post some on this blog in the near future.

Teaching a Lightroom class and I enjoying that immensely. I hope to get out this Monday and do some fall landscapes. The colors this year doesn’t seem as vibrant as normal or I might not be looking in the right spots. 


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Moving away. 20150930_10120150930_101

Ok I’m not moving away from the area, hold on to your seats I’m moving away from HDR, yes you heard it here first. You might be asking yourself, “why, you were the HDR man?”

         I’ve gotten to the point that the quality of my images is sharper if I don’t use the HDR method and the colors are also life like. The dynamic range of my camera can capture most of the detail in both highlight and shadow areas. There will be times that I might shoot for both the sky and the foreground and blend them together but I think my HDR days have come to an end.

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Gone 20160409-02620160409-026 s you read this blog, I hope to be image deep in Big Bend National Park. My bride and I will be celebrating our 35th wedding anniversary and she must love me because she is letting me do this trip with photography in mind. I will try and video some of the trip, maybe do some “how to” stuff. We hope to go to White Sands also.

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Fall in the Ozarks 20121023-2896-HDR20121023-2896-HDR

This is my favorite time of the year in the Ozarks.

Fall with all it’s colors just screams out to be photographed. This year I’ll going to go out in bad weather and try is getting some different types of fall images. Also thinking that I will also be doing more pantographic images. Going to be more intentional in getting the best I can get. Looking to get only 3 images that are wall hanger.

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