Change is a good thing.

20160215_036-Editin Photoshop20160215_036-Editin Photoshop

First let me apologize for getting behind on my blogging. I change things in my life and my photography.

 In life: I have resigned my position as pastor at church. Still going to the same church, some maybe asking why? That would be a great question. In the beginning started with 35 and now we are running about 120 worshippers every Sunday and it was more then I could keep up with.

This will bring a change in my photography. Will have more time to be behind my camera. I will also look to do different kinds of photography. Landscape are fun, but I need to try different thing photographically.


Eric Adams(non-registered)
Michael, Life has many seasons. My life is currently a whirlwind of chasing my kids from band, soccer, scouts, swimming and church activities. I'm not complaining, but it gets overwhelming. Finding time to be personally creative is a challenge. All that being said, I understand and commend you on embracing the changes in life. I look forward to joining you on a photography adventure., Best wishes, Eric
I love your pictures Mike, I miss going out and taking pictures like that... Another one of those things I need to get back into.
Marilyn Odle(non-registered)
Your photos are always a feast for my eyes! Thanks!
Jax Welborn(non-registered)
Change is good!
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