All things end


This image was taken and one of my “Go to spots”. A place that I return to over and over again to photograph. I was saddened the last time I was there because they had to put a fence around the building to keep people off. I will continue going there because there are still good places to shoot. 

Photo in mind.

20170326-00320170326-003 I kept a list on my phone called “Places to photograph” and most of the time it’s just a place that I’ve heard about. Then there are times that I’ve been to the place before but there would be a better time to reshoot it. This is one of those images. We had a rainy weekend but on Sunday afternoon it had stopped raining. Went to my list and saw a note “rainy day”. I had this image in mind. New notes for reshoots will contain, time of day, weather conditions, and time of year. Paddy creek falls now has note that reads. “Fall colors on a rainy day.”

Story time


The old saying “A picture can be a thousand words.” And sometime a picture can be summed up into a few words. In my job as an Army photographer I’m always trying to tell a story about events. My approach is to get as much information in one photo as possible. However it’s the simple, less busy image that still tell the story that I enjoy the most.

Less is more.

20160215_089-Editin Photoshop20160215_089-Editin Photoshop

Have you ever gone out to photograph and you feel like you just shoot a wall hanger (“wall hanger” the winner, the Ansell Adams image, homerun) only to get home and think “what posses me to take the picture?”

Well this image is not one of those. This is more like “ Hey there something about that I like, oh well just take it and delete it later.

         After I down loaded my card this image didn’t do anything for me, then a few weeks went by and went back to this image and as it turned out, it was one of the better images I got that day.

Just a simple image that was my better image sometimes we over think our images, well a least I do.

Photo Safari

20160215_104-Editin Photoshop20160215_104-Editin Photoshop

Ok I know this is a photographic cliché.

I just couldn’t help myself. He was just so cute. (Maybe it was a girl squirrel, not sure)

What is a Photo Safari, that’s when I have a day off and my wife is working. I grab my camera backpack and get in the car and just go looking for something to photograph. No time or due date just me and my camera, good time.