Complain then go.

20150725-009720150725-0097 I live a very privileged life, I did not know how much until I went to Ethiopia. This image are of kids that don’t get to go to school instead they get up pre-dawn to move their cattle up into the mountains for grass and they will do this 7 days a week. If you made eye contact with them they would give you a big smile. I would love to go back to Africa   

Sometime you need to Pano.

20180104-00920180104-009 Sometime you get to a place and you wished to had another lens. I got to the bottom of this fall and wanted to get the whole thing but didn’t have a wide enough lens, so instead I shoot a pano. This was 4 images brought together in Lightroom.

Just shoot it already!

20171005-085120171005-0851 Do you ever over-think things? I’m always looking for the grand vistas and sometimes I just need to take a exposure. This image wasn’t taken my normal way. I didn’t set up a tripod, I didn’t work the composition, I didn’t use a manual exposure to get the best range of light I simply like what I saw and pressed the button. I like this image today but didn’t fuss over it.

Simple yet bold.


This image was done in White sands New Mexico last Fall. I’m ready to go back. If you follow this blog you know that I thought this was going to be a bad morning, because of all the clouds. It turned out to be great morning. There are not a lot of features at White Sands so you have to work intentional to get a good competition. Just sky and sand to make an interesting photograph.

Old dog new trick


I do a lot of fishing at Bennett Springs, Missouri. I was there with a friend several years back and he told me that I would never be a great fisherman because I was to busy looking around. He was right and he was a better fisherman then I, however I think that got more out of each trip then him. Sure he had more fish but I had more vision. This image is better with the fisherman in it. Gives this image scale.