Big Head

20111217-067-Edit20111217-067-Edit I’m a man and sometime I let the “ego” get the best of me. I do the landscape photography stuff because I enjoy it. I could never make a living do it. This image recently sold at action for $1700.00. If you ever come across a photographer with a Nikon 750 and a big head, that would be me.

Everthing Changes

20120817-1327-HDR20120817-1327-HDR This image is of the bridge in the Devils Elbow area in Missouri. It’s one of those places that I go back to a lot. Last week we received over 7 inches of rain and this bridge had water running over the road surface. I lot of people lost properties and a young man lost his life. My prayers are for those people. With nature there is always change, sometimes good, and sometime not so good.

Coming full circle.

20130325-82920130325-829 Hi my name is “Mike” I’m a recovering HDR photographer. When I first started doing HDR photography I couldn’t help myself. I would over do the process just to get everything in full detail. It didn’t matter that the images were boring in composition or that the colors were not real, I was in love with the process of making HDR images. Same thing happened when I first learned the Zone system. Then my HDR to a turn for the better, “how can I get these HDR images to look real?” Now I still shoot HDR but the question today is , “do I even need HDR to make this a good image. 

Over cooked!

20120514-628-HDR20120514-628-HDR Love doing HDR photography (look it up in Google). However this is over cooked. What I mean is it doesn’t look real, I over did it in post processing. It was fun while I was doing it, but I have out grown this type of HDR imagining. Today’s HDR image are hard to tell that they are a HDR processed.

Style ???

20110805-2140-HDR20110805-2140-HDR This is not my kind of style of photography, but I was just telling my wife, I need to try some other types of photography. Oh sure I will still be shooting the landscape stuff, but I need to branch out. Do something different, something that I would not normally do. I’m thinking like I teach compotation “if it looks good to you, take a photo.”