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 Photography Classes & Workshop Schedule


Classes: Waynesville Career Center

 Signup Phone: 573-842-2500 (ext. 2512)



Class Schedule: 2018

Six week classes - one night a week Classes will meet from 6:00pm - 8:30pm

Beginning Photography will run October 22 - November 26

Lightroom will run January 28 - March 4

Advanced Lightroom will run  April 1 - May 6

Class Cost: $55 for each class



Beginning Photography

Although your phone takes good photos, don’t you want to move past that and get into more profes- sional looking photos? Then this is the class for you! But you’re thinking, “all those numbers con- fuse me.” You will learn what all those numbers technically and artistically mean. We will use a hands-on approach of how to use your camera to create works of art.



Beginning Adobe Lightroom

After you have captured a stunning photo on your camera, the question is “what now?” Lightroom is a photography software program designed for photographers to enhance and bring out the best of each image. However, learning new software can be intimidating. This class will teach you how to simplify the process to give you those wall hanging images that you would be proud to display.



                                 Advanced Adobe Lightroom

Now that you have down the basics of adjusting  to your images in Lightroom this class will dive deeper into making you images pop with advanced adjustment in Lightroom.











Our Workshop’s are very hands on approach to teaching. You will learn Pro tips & tricks to getting better images. It’s seven hours of fun and photo information.

Workshops are limited to 12 participant. 

    Cost of workshop is $65.00



Check back for Dates

Spring Landscape Photography

Fall Landscapes

People Photography



Instructor Bio: 

Professional Photographer

Photographer Michael Curtis is an
award winning professional, with
over 30 years of experience and
is currently serving as the Lead
Photographer at Fort Leonard Wood. His passion for photography goes past his vocation, enjoying di er- ent types of photography. He is very passionate about teaching others how to improve their images.






For more information or any questions...  

Phone: 573 528-3573